GoPro Golf Mount

GoPro Golf Mount Test

With the GoPro, there are many videos with views of all sports. Unfortunately, my sport is not as exciting to watch. I decided to attempt a GoPro Golf Mount with a GoPro Bicycle Mount to the shaft of my club and head out to the driving range to give it a go.

Apart from the sudden light change from the shadows of the driving range shelter and the sunny conditions out on the driving range, I think the camera performed well. I have not seen this angle of a golf shot before, so found it interesting. For example, I didn’t know a 20 handicap, like myself, could get the shaft to bend as much as it does.

I will be trying this again, but I will ensure the light is more consistent throughout the golf shot. I will also make some subtle changes to the GoPro Golf Mount too as the angle is slightly out.

Slow Motion Golf Shot at 120 FPS

Some GoPro Golf Mount Video Properties

The video was filmed at 720 at 120 FPS (frames per second). I adjusted the rotation slightly to get the mat straight with the camera. The slow motion is reduced to 5% of the normal speed but because it is filmed at 120 FPS, you get a fairly steady view through out. When I exported the video, processed the video at 1080 resolution. The GoPro used is the Hero 3+ Black Edition.

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