GoPro Camera Strap

Making a DIY GoPro Camera Strap

Most cameras come with a dedicated camera strap hole. Unfortunately, the GoPro camera has a place for many attachments but not for a camera strap.

I decided to make a lanyard camera strap to hang my GoPro camera safely around my neck while I was out an about sightseeing in London. It made the camera quickly and easily accessible for when I needed it.

Items Used to Make The Camera Strap

The lanyard I decided to use was a Quick Link Detachable Lanyard which I thought would be good to detach the camera when I needed to. I needed a 10mm Screw Post. These are normally used for binding documents together into a book form and look like the GroPro case buttons. I also used a 5mm Show Eyelet to ensure the hole that was made in the camera strap did not fray – this was not really necessary because I also used a hot skewer to make the hole in the camera strap so sealed a hole which will reduce the chances of fraying later.

This was a really easy project to do and only took around 10 minutes to make. Below are the links to Amazon, where I purchased the products needed. I have also included a video tutorial type video below which should help illustrate the camera strap.

Make a DIY Camera Strap Video

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